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............ BROOKS - MARKLE - LESTER - HAMILL FAMILY..........


Descriptions are noted to the best of my knowledge.

According to Shepard Markle, Johann Christian was born in Alsace ont he Rhine in 1678 and fled from Germany in 1685 after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes. He fled down the Rhine into Holland and was the first Markle to arrive in the New World about 1703. He returned to Holland and then came to Pennsylvania again and settled in Moselem Springs in Berks County. Many of his descendants still live there. A son, Gaspard Markle, traveled over the mountains in 1770 and settled in Westmoreland Countuy making his home on Sewickly Creek where he built the Blockhouse. His home was called Markle's Station and was a refuse for many in this entire area.

Peter Merckel's Home
He built in Pennsylvania in 1785

George and Christina Merkle's Home
Susan Wolfe standing in front of the home.

General Cyprus P. Markle
Son of General Joseph Markle

Tomb of General Cyprus P. Markle

General Joseph Markle
Son of Gaspard "Casper" Markle

Gaspard built this Blockhouse 1700's
Used for protection against Indian attacks.

Jasper Markle Thompson

Peter Merckle's Home
Built by Peter

JV Thompson's Mansion
Built for his second wife. Sold, but he was allowed to die here.

Sarah Sally Hutchingson Brooks
Granddaughter of Moses Markle

                              OUR BLUE HEAVEN
                                 Written by: John P. Brooks
There was Mother and me and Virginia made three, and we were happy in our Blue Heaven.

Again we set sail and along came John Dale,
and we're happy in our Blue Heaven.

So we we're busy as bees and along came Mary Louise, but were happy in our Blue Heaven.

Then Marcia Lea made four and we didn't have anymore, but we're still happy in our Blue Heaven.
Sixty-two years have now passed since the day "our love we professed"
Last week Mother went to Heaven and now I have joined by her side.
Oh how happy we are in our Blue Heaven.
(Marcia, his daughter finished the latter part of the poem) Thank you Aunt Marcia.

John Philbert Brooks
His gas station on Route 66, Yukon, Ok.

John Dale Brooks and Glen Dale, son.

Sarah Brooks and Virginia Brooks
Virginia is her Granddaughter

Leroy, John Brooks, Marcia, Marcia M. Brooks

Marcia, Nannie, Pat, Louise

Keep checking back! I will be continuously adding more photos and an information page on the family. Thanks for looking!  Charlotte