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............ BROOKS - MARKLE - LESTER - HAMILL FAMILY..........

Please take time to view some other family links on the Markle' side. They branch out in all directions. So, if you don't find a hit on our site you may well stumble on one below.
Susan's site has information on the upcoming 2005 Family Reunion!
A Special Thank You for all your Hard Work!


In recognition to those who have shared information.
J.V. Thompson Journals, Patricia Larson, Marcia Hatley, Louise Marshall, Raymond Coffey, Susan Wolfe, Linda Grelles, Curtiss Irby, Ruth Blount, Tina Hatley, Scott Markle, Shelby Davis, Cheralee, Nalani Markell, Donna Lutheran, Marcia Brooks (deceased), Virginia Irby (deceased).
A true meaning of the "Family Unit"!
Get started on your family tree!

Email me with any corrections or questions are welcome.
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